The Book of James. Rhymed out...

JAMES 1: 1-27

We put lots of stock in these things we call "names"
And this author's name, well, his name was just James;

More importantly though, and don't see this as odd;
He referred to himself as a SERVANT of God;

And this letter he wrote, at least a half or an eighth,
Was to compliment writings on grace and on faith;

And a servant? They serve. And by "serve" I mean DO,
And the word SERVE is a verb, it needs actions from you;

So get downright happy, be glad when you're sad,
Cuz the stretching of faith is a test to be had;

And that test makes you stronger, more confident and bolder,
Gives you something to lean on as each day you grow older;

Don't fight it, or hide it or run from the test,
Let it break then re-make you, and dress you up best;

If you're lacking or falling or lost on the way,
Just slow down, get your thoughts, talk to God, you know... PRAY;

And when you do pray, be strong, don't be meek, don't be doubting,
BELIEVE! Stand up bold, do some screaming and shouting;

Cuz God wants to see you are real and are pure,
and when He does you'll be answered in His time for sure;

When you're losing and slipping and see no reprieve,
Stand proud! You're on top simply 'cause you believe;

But the rich with their cars and their jewels and their money,
Should attempt to be humble, see their outcome ain't funny;

For much like the sun with it's heat and bright power,
Can wither and kill the most beautiful flower,

The dollar's a loan that is prone to be blown,
As the rich man just quietly fades from his throne,

Blessed are you who hang on under trial,
And your love for your God makes the outcome worthwhile;

So don't point fingers or blame Him when evil comes calling,
Those actions are yours, you're the one who's appalling!

Temptations breed lust and then lust breeds desire,
Steer clear from the liar and the sins in the fire,

Don't be confused by the master of lies with no love,
Every good and perfect gift is a gift from above;

From our Father in Heaven who always was, is and will be,
His nature never changes, He's the only who should thrill thee;

Through His breath and His word He chose to give us birth,
That we may wear the crown and rule over His earth;

My brothers and sisters, please unclog your ears,
I've got something to tell you and I need you to hear;

Every one of us, you and me, should be quick to just listen,
If we listen we will pick up on most of what we're missing;

At the same time lets slow down both our anger and speaking,
Because a loud angry human is not what God is seeking;

So get rid of the evil, let let God tend to His garden,
And He'll soften the things that without Him would harden;

Don't just hear the Word, if that's all that you do,
You're deceiving yourself, confused through and through;

If you listen to pastors and sermons and teachers,
And that's all you do, you just listen to preachers;

You're just like that man - with his face in a mirror,
But with no mirror, his face becomes blurry not clearer;

Don't be like that guy! Try to be like more Jesus,
And go do what He says, where He wants us and needs us;

And when you do you'll find freedom on you like a dressing,
And the things that you do will be drenched in His blessing;

Those who claim to be holy, yet cannot tame their tongue,
Their religion is worthless, talk is all that they've done;

But you yourself are both homeless and loveless, it's true,
So to pass muster before God this is what you must do;

Don't let the world's pollution bear it's weight upon you,
But don't just stop right there, though it's easy to do;

Love the widows and orphans and you bet it is sure,
That your religion to God will be faultless and pure.